World's Best Metal Detection Technologies and Mining Equipments.

Al Bayati General Trading Co LLC. was founded in the year 2004 to distribute the gold detectors, high-quality metal and pumps etc. on the Middle East market. 
Having two branches in Dubai NASIR SQUARE FRIJMURAr and, within months,
Al Bayati General Trading Co LLC has invested in brands like MINELAB, GARRETT, Teknetics, LORENZ Z, MACRO and newly TERO VIDO (Germany).
Exercising not only as a retailer for customers Sudan and Iraq, but also in full Middle East and Africa as a whole. Al Bayati was able to get the only distribution of all types. In matters of gold ores, Al bayati is the only distributor in the Middle East and Africa product KEENE ENGINEERING INCORPORATED from iCON to NEWAGEMINING EQUIPMENTS
and GOLD claimer. Al Bayati General Trading Co LLC. product range now includes some of the latest instruments from Australia, America and Germany for customers from the Gulf and Middle East.
We deal with brands such as Garrett, Teknetics, Fisher etc. We offer free training to our customers how to use products so that customers will not face any problem to use it and they can easily handle because of the friendliness of our products. In addition to the import and sale of products overseas excellent Al Bayati General Trading Co selling about 1000 pieces per month and we are the number one seller for
Teknetics Brand T2 in Dubai and the Middle East We at Al Bayati General Trading Co LLC., Continue to be dedicated to the introduction of the most advanced products in Australia, America and Germany.
We work hard to make a significant contribution to our customers "by providing complete solutions for a bold and timely manner. We appreciate the loyalty of our suppliers and our customers cooperation and assistance in progress, and we anticipate continued growth and progress.