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Keene Engineering G-Force Rock Crusher  K-RC1
This amazing rock crusher is ideal for the gold prospector interested in a 
light-weight and economical high-speed machine. Material is gravity fed 
into the hopper and drops into the center of a high-speed tube. The 
centrifugal force throws the rock into a hardened steel impact wall at 
speeds in excess of 400 miles per hour. The harder the rock, the easier it 
shatters into instant powder. If any uncrushable particles are fed into the 
unit it will automatically pass them without damage or hesitation. All 
material after crushing then passes automatically into a five-gallon bucket 
sealed chamber providing a low dust environment. Ideal for crushing all 
types of quartz, schist, limestone, etc. This new machine is also ideal for 
crushing black sand concentrates to release any encapsulated micron 
gold for further processing. Mounted to a vertical 5 horsepower engine, 
capable of producing up to 2 tons of grind in just one hour in a single 
pass. Multiple passes may be desired for finer grinds.
Designed primarily as a pilot mill and not a production machine.
The maximum rock size that this unit will handle is one inch.